Cinema Rewards

At Opia, we believe rewards are a crucial part of any business, whether you are looking to gain employee loyalty, reward an important client, or launch a free gift promotion, there’s a million possibilities – especially when it comes to cinema rewards.

Opia are proud to be the official sales and fulfilment agency for ODEON Cinemas, managing the sales and distribution of ODEON corporate vouchers across the UK and Ireland. We’re confident our low-risk, high-impact, cinema rewards can help your business increase loyalty, motivation, customer acquisition and much more.

Increase customer & employee loyalty

Create new customer acquisitions

Develop higher levels of motivation

Provides a unique emotional incentive

Use our gift of ODEON corporate cinema vouchers to demonstrate genuine appreciation to your customers, clients, distributors or suppliers, encouraging engagement, strengthening loyalty and bringing long-lasting value with this much-valued gift.

How to Buy in the UK & Ireland

Opia offer three types of corporate cinema rewards and have a dedicated purchase website for UK and Ireland.

How to buy Internationally

Opia cinema rewards covers a variety of international countries, from Europe to USA. If you would like to discuss international opportunities, please get in touch.

What cinema rewards can do for you


After holidays and healthcare benefits, the most popular employee benefits and perks are supermarket discounts, travel and cinema.  For HR teams, the challenge is how to reward and recognise your staff in ways they appreciate and show you value them.

Using cinema vouchers as original, memorable gifts for your workforce delivers a valued expression of gratitude for their service. A corporate reward that encourages time for leisure and enjoyment and demonstrates your company’s ethos of valuing your staff’s wellbeing

Cinema Corporate Reward Solutions

Corporate reward solutions provide a memorable cinema experience to reward, incentivise and motivate employees. Whether it’s the latest action blockbuster, a new family animation, a rom-com date night, or a good old biopic, cinema has something to make everyone smile.


If Cinema tickets are not already part of your employee benefit platform, then the ODEON Group should be the choice for you.

Cinema tickets are popular: there are on average 150 million cinema tickets sold in the UK each year, accessible all over the country. They’re meaningful: employees feel like they’re getting a night out as a perk. They’re suited to all demographics: cinema-goers are a diverse bunch, across all ages, genders and background.

ODEON is the biggest cinema chain in the UK&I. With over 115 cinemas, it’s part of the largest movie exhibition company in the world​. At ODEON, movies are much more than just movies, delivering immersive and memorable experiences. With state-of-the-art technology, a growing portfolio of Luxe recliner cinemas, freshly warmed popcorn, world-famous nacho cheese sauce, Oscar’s Bars, and teams that strive to make every guest feel special, ODEON is about more than just a movie. It’s about a timeless tradition that’s interwoven into ODEON’s culture


Opia offers market-disruptive sales promotions that are designed to offer exceptional value for you and your customers. They are a cost-effective alternative to traditional discounting strategies and provide your customers with a compelling reason for purchase. We create innovative promotional concepts using a thorough understanding of the end-customer, the market and your business needs.

When it comes to providing incentives and a positive customer experience, reward vouchers are an effective means of increasing motivation to buy, generating excitement and encouraging sign-ups.

By combining our ODEON partnership with our 16 years’ experience in delivering innovative sales promotion mechanics, Opia can support your promotions with bulk cinema tickets that can provide a memorable experience to reward, incentivise and motivate customers and to drive customer acquisition and loyalty.

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