The Power of Cinema


From the state-of-the-art technology to best-in-class hospitality, nothing is quite comparable to the experience of going to the cinema. Cinema is a universal language, which makes it one of the best corporate gifts; say goodbye to nick-nacks that end up in the bin, and hello to giving your clients, employees and customers the gift of a maximum attention cinema experience.


There’s two aspect of cinema that give it such a large impact; the uniquely large format and unrivaled sound experience, which combined with distraction free viewing, create an environment that we rarely get anywhere else. The cinema can be a moment to escape our busy lives and live in the film world for a few hours.


Digital means adaptable; and cinema is forever adapting. Whilst the in-person cinema experience still holds the most impact, learnings from the pandemic has led to ‘at home’ cinema experiences with official streaming capabilities. On the flip side, as a gift or reward, cinema tickets are adaptable, there’s no logistics or complex send outs involved, just a simple e-voucher that creates maximum impact for the receiver, with little effort from your business.


Many studies have shown that we all value emotional experience more since the pandemic and cinema encourages togetherness, delivers escapism, and creates memorable talking points after the event. It’s hard to think of low risk, high impact gifts that can offer the same memory building opportunities as cinema rewards.

What can corporate cinema rewards be used for?

Employee Benefits

Client & Customer Gifts

Gift with Purchase