Get your tax back

Location: USA

Conn’s HomePlus is a large specialty retailer, offering a wide range of furniture, home appliances, consumer electronics, and home office goods in over 140 stores across 14 Southern States. With a strategic focus on offering value and flexible credit solutions, Conn’s is constantly looking for innovative campaigns to drive traffic and offer eye-catching and long-lasting offers to its customers.

The Solution

We worked with Conn’s HomePlus on this smart variation of a cashback, where customers purchasing over a minimum amount could “claim their tax back” for the value of the state sales tax on the goods they bought. This unique sales promotion was designed to work both in stores and online, with customers submitting a picture of their physical or digital receipts. Taking care of the campaign’s profitability, we offered capped costs to Conn’s, managing the risk of over-redemption from this highly attractive offer on the most expensive purchases, with the backing of our insurance partners.

The Results

While the initial campaign was designed as a straightforward “tax back,” its success led to subsequent campaigns, notably a “Ca$hBacktober” across its furniture category and a “Memorial Day Mattress Tax Back.” We have since worked with Conn’s on many other creative sales promotions, ranging from sweepstakes and prize draws to scratch off cashbacks and even PC trade-ins.

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