The location: USA

We have been working in partnership with LG Electronics for several years, supporting LG’s promotional needs in the United States and Canada on multiple product lines, such as Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, and Mobile Communications.

The Challenge

For LG’s Home Entertainment category, the sales from their retail partners are integral to their business’s success. Maintaining a positive relationship with these retailers is critical, as they are at the forefront of driving sales for LG products. By using sales promotions that drive foot traffic to the stores and boost sales, LG can motivate retailers to prioritize their brand and ensure their sales targets maintain on track.

In 2019, LG saw excellent success with its sales promotion that included a subscription to Disney+ as a gift when purchasing an LG TV. Disney+ was a new streaming service at the time, making this promotion hugely popular with consumers and saw retailers benefit from an increased footfall to their store.

Keen to run the same promotion in 2020, LG’s retail partners were disappointed when Disney+ decided not to participate in any promotions due to business reasons. LG needed a solution with a similar angle that would deliver the same, if not better results, as their 2019 promotion and keep retailers committed to promoting LG’s products.

The Solution

At Opia, our client-centric approach means we take time to understand all aspects of our clients’ objectives. With LG, this included appreciating the pivotal importance of LG’s relationships with its retail partners and the need to build on the success of their 2019 campaign.

Harnessing our expansive relationship with multiple streaming brands, we were able to reach out to five market leaders, and within just four weeks, all five had agreed to participate in LG’s 2020 campaign.

It was a successful promotion that helped to increase sellout by creating a point of difference for LG TVs in a competitive market. This gift with purchase promotion generated excitement amongst consumers, enthusiastic about receiving a $100 credit towards streaming or gaming with Prime Video, Hulu, Showtime, Sling, or Xbox when purchasing their LG TV.

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