Samsung Wallet Rewards Customer Loyalty with Cinema Vouchers

The location: United Kingdom

The Background

As a global tech giant, Samsung is a leader in the market. Moreover, its innovation extends to many more digital devices, including TVs, wearable devices and tablets.

Samsung has offered a mobile payment option on its Galaxy smartphones since 2015. Originally known as Samsung Pay, this app allowed users to store credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards in one place on their phone without needing the physical versions when making a transaction. Last year, the app was relaunched as Samsung Wallet, with new capabilities that include secure storage of passwords, addresses, IDs, passwords, keys and boarding passes.

Opia has been a long-standing partner of Samsung, creating and managing a range of imaginative sales promotions to support their commercial goals for over ten years. When Samsung engaged us to design and implement an innovative rewards promotion aimed at giving something back to its Samsung Wallet customers, we had the resources to ensure a seamless and satisfactory customer journey.

The challenge

For this reward promotion, Samsung was keen to use a brand voucher that customers could add directly to the Samsung Wallet. As well as providing convenience for the customers when using the voucher, this method would also reinforce their newly launched mobile payment app.

Additionally, Samsung wanted a reward where customers did not have to spend any extra money to access it. In the midst of a cost crisis, with significant budget concerns for many, the brand wished to give back to its customers by offering a luxury item that perhaps would not otherwise be enjoyed during this period.

Samsung suggested leveraging our ODEON Cinemas Partnership. With their ODEON Ticket functionality, cinema vouchers could be uploaded directly to the Samsung Wallet and give customers a fantastic movie night out treat.

The solution

Following these objectives, Opia designed and delivered the innovative ODEON Cinema Rewards promotion, giving participants the chance to win a free cinema voucher each day.

Customers who wished to participate simply needed to register for the promotion in their Samsung Wallet App. Then, any payment they made with Samsung Pay would enter them into that day’s draw.

The promotion ran from 7th June to 7th July. Winners were randomly selected, and while customers could only win one voucher per day, they could win up to 31 vouchers throughout the promotion, with over 9,500 cinema vouchers up for grabs.

The use of cinema vouchers as loyalty rewards is an innovative concept, one where Samsung is leading the way for other brands to follow.

While cinema attendance is increasing again after the pandemic, the cost crisis means that for many, going to see a film is a luxury they cannot currently afford. Therefore, this promotion enables customers to enjoy this treat without further strain on their budgets. Samsung can give something back to its loyal customers while also benefiting from strengthening the launch of its new mobile payment app.

As well as designing and delivering the promotion, Opia managed the brand partnership between Samsung and ODEON Cinemas, ensuring a seamless adoption of all brand guidelines and terms. With this promotion delivering a win-win for all parties, it will likely be extended or repeated in the near future.

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