Small Business Cashback

The location: USA

Known for the strength of its business model, selling directly to customers, Dell was looking for a tactical solution to boost sales from at critical moments of its annual calendar. Dell engaged us to build an innovative, highly responsive, yet cost-effective sales promotion for its business sector.

The Solution

We created a cashback promotion across an extensive selection of Dell Desktop, Laptop, and Notebooks, with reward levels closely linked to retail prices and ranging from $100 to $200, making the offer attractive to many prospective buyers. Our customer-centric focus ensured no waiting period, meaning customers could claim their prize online as soon as their products were dispatched by Dell, using the proof of shipment to claim their reward. To strengthen brand awareness and maintain a Dell experience throughout the process, buyers would then receive a Dell-branded, digital VISA prepaid card, enabling them to spend their prize online.

The Results

The first campaign was such a success that Dell and Opia have since used this format on a number of occasions to drive sales uplifts from Dell’s direct channel throughout the year, be it Back to School or pre-Black Friday. This model has also been extended to indirect channels to Europe.

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