The location: United Kingdom

Supporting a greener tomorrow while shortening the refresh cycle

The challenge

The focus on business sustainability has increased significantly in recent years, with a heightened expectation for companies to reduce their environmental impact by offsetting their carbon emissions.

In recognition of Earth Day last April, Lenovo wanted to use this period to highlight its commitment to sustainability and help small businesses reducing their environmental impact by running a relevant promotion that also boosted sales.

Lockdown restrictions have changed the way we work, with many people working from home and generating high demand in the PC market.  When more eyes are on the industry, brands need to amplify their ESG messaging to build loyalty and give them a competitive advantage.

A financial incentive to convert customers is important and Lenovo wanted an added value proposition to help cut through and provide a point of difference and to align to the environmental message for their brand.

The solution

Partnering with Lenovo, Opia created a campaign with a compelling commercial offer with the addition of an attractive sustainability message, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to a greener future whilst also reassuring their customers with secure data destruction.

Using a trade-in mechanic, we designed a campaign that offered small and medium businesses a simple 20% cashback on the purchase price of selected Think laptops and PCs when trading in their used device – with no revaluations!

The unique feature of this promotion was its environmental focus. For every used device traded in, Lenovo pledged that:

  • A tree would be planted in the UK.
  • At least one tonne of CO2 emissions in the Amazon rainforest would be offset.
  • The used device would be refurbished and reused or recycled via a WEEE-compliant partner to reduce the carbon footprint further, with zero going to landfill.

The messages within the promotional site also highlighted other approaches that Lenovo is implementing to protect our planet.

With data security a priority focus for businesses, Lenovo’s promotion emphasised the safe disposal of these unwanted devices, using military-grade wiping software.

The Trade-In promotion is an ongoing programme. Kicking off before Earth Day:

  • Lenovo has planted more than 2,200 trees across UK, enabling businesses to support the wider global goals of reducing deforestation and climate change.
  • Among the traded-in devices, 88% have been refurbished and reused, and 12% have been recycled.
  • And 1,225+ tonnes of C02 have been offset by supporting a deforestation project in the Amazon Rainforest to date.
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