Buy & Try

The location: Italy

Unieuro, one of Italy’s largest retailers, approached Opia for a promotion. The aim was to drive Ultrabook sales by addressing the lack of awareness in the market, and by educating potential customers on the benefits of an Ultrabook versus a traditional notebook.

How did Opia add value?

Opia thought the best way to educate risk-averse customers was to place an Ultrabook in their hands, removing any possible objection to purchase through a buy and try sales promotion. The Ultrabook Soddisafazione Garantita offer (Satisfaction Guaranteed), gave the option to try the product for 60 days and return it for a full no-questions refund if they weren’t satisfied.

With such a compelling ‘no risk’ proposition, Unieuros’ sales increased significantly with not a single customer returning an Ultrabook for a refund.

Co-funded by Intel, Unieuro has now run several successful promotions with Opia, driving up-sell, cross sell, and increasing ‘churn’.

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