Movie Incentives

Showcase the fun, generous and creative side of your brand with our ODEON movie vouchers that provide a unique, imaginative treat for your customers, clients and suppliers, the perfect cinema incentives.

Opia is the official sales and fulfilment agency for ODEON Cinemas, managing the sales and distribution of ODEON bulk vouchers across the UK and Ireland.

Use our gift of ODEON bulk movie vouchers, or cinema incentives, to demonstrate genuine appreciation to your customers, clients, distributors or suppliers, encouraging engagement, strengthening loyalty and bringing long-lasting value with this much-valued gift.

Our ODEON Cinema Offers

ODEON Bulk Cinema Vouchers can be used as compelling, consumer sales promotion rewards, imaginative corporate gifts, cinema incentives or unique, valued employee benefits. ​

Our range of bulk cinema ‘admit one’ e-Vouchers can be redeemed in ODEON cinemas across the UK and Ireland, or used online at

Imagine being able to see all the films you want, week in, week out, from mid-week romcoms to Saturday night blockbusters. With huge potential savings and access to exclusive member treats, joining Limitless allows you to watch all the films you want, as often as you like with cinema incentives.

A motivating incentive for your team, as well as your customers

Using ODEON cinema vouchers as original, memorable gifts for your workforce delivers a valued expression of gratitude for their service. A reward that encourages time for leisure and enjoyment demonstrates your company’s ethos of valuing your staff’s wellbeing and offers a personal touch to a corporate reward system that will act as powerful your sales team.

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Why Cinema?

A trip to the cinema remains a special experience, reflected in its unwaveringly strong attendance, despite the recent proliferation of streaming. At the forefront of the out-of-home leisure and entertainment industry, cinemas saw over 176m admissions in 2019.

With our cinema incentives, you can offer something for everyone; from the fully immersive experience of IMAX screenings, the thrilling event of catching the best of box office or the captivating encounter with a trending Bollywood movie or silver-screen classic. Our movie vouchers offer a visit to an ODEON cinema that delivers an unrivalled level of exhilaration, glamour and excitement, often absent from our day-to-day world of small screens and hand-held devices.

Always aiming for a customer-centric approach, we know that offering an ODEON movie incentive as an engaging sales promotion will pave the way for long-term loyalty and future success. Customers, clients and suppliers will all enjoy the experience of getting lost in the far-away movie world, and with ODEON’s cutting-edge sound clarity and luxurious seating, this gift will make for a memorable experience.


ODEON is the biggest cinema chain in the UK with over 110 cinemas and is part of the largest movie exhibition company in the world​.

ODEON Luxe is the fastest-growing cinema concept in Europe, giving guests the ultimate experience with luxury handmade, powered reclining seats.

ODEON is investing significantly in state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing the very best in sound, vision and comfort.  ​

Why Opia?

Using data-driven insights into customer behaviour, Opia understands what makes people tick and what catches their eye. By combining our ODEON partnership with our 20 years’ experience in delivering innovative sales promotion mechanics, we can create highly responsive sales promotions that drive your brand’s success, such as our cinema incentives.

Find out how your cinema promotions can persuade your customers to buy into your brand.

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