Opia Cloud: Our Sales Promotions Software

Opia Cloud is our proprietary sales promotion software, bringing together 15 years of expertise in designing and delivering sales promotions for the world’s most successful companies.

Thanks to our team of redemption experts, UX designers, software engineers, fraud preventers, project and customer service managers, this market-leading platform encompasses all the capabilities required to rapidly launch and run sales promotions that provide a seamless, on-brand customer experience.

From the branded microsite, user interface and claim journey all the way to claim processing, reward fulfilment, data insight and intelligent fraud prevention, we manage the entire promotional experience, so our clients don’t have to.

Opia Cloud

On-brand, omnichannel experience

Opia’s sales promotion platform enables us to create fully branded, responsive websites that allow participants to claim their rewards quickly and simply with just a few clicks from any device. Our customer journeys aren’t limited to just website interfaces. We can build experiences around an array of channels, including voice assistants, social feeds, or via system integrations with client tools such as loyalty apps.

With a choice of pre-defined and customizable mechanics, such as cashbacks, free gifts, trade-ins and referrals, Opia Cloud is flexible enough to design the most innovative and complex promotions. Our clients can also select from our best-practice templates that have been carefully refined over 10 years and millions of customers to ensure optimal results.

Our sales promotion software encompasses tailored SMS and email notifications, online tracking and 24/7 multi-channel customer support to create a truly seamless customer journey. Parameters are configurable, so everything from reward values, wait periods and claim windows to Terms and FAQs are tailored to individual client requirements and brand guidelines.

Any channel sales promotion software
Fraud Protection using sales promotion software

AI-driven fraud prevention

Opia Cloud leverages a sophisticated AI-based threat model to validate users with digital identity and footprint intelligence for optimum fraud prevention.

With millions of claims to handle, our claim processing engine within Opia Cloud is supported by a range of cutting-edge, AI-based tools, which help us to identify fraud risks, automate decision-making and support our agents in the claim-checking process. Using this technology, we can make sure your customers’ claims are processed swiftly, accurately and securely.

Integrated fulfilment and reward network

Opia Cloud comes pre-integrated with a large selection of digital payments (Bank transfer, PayPal,  VISA and Mastercard prepaid cards, mobile wallets, or digital apps such as Venmo), a catalogue of digital vouchers from leading brands, fulfilment options via the main couriers (UPS, Fedex and DHL), as well as reverse logistics to simplify the return of used items (including options to re-use, donate, re-sell or ethically recycle).

Sales Promotion Rewards
Global sales promotion software

Truly global and multilingual

Opia Cloud can easily translate and adjust promotions to run in multiple countries and languages with translations already pre-configured to minimize time to launch. The user interface is matched with our multi-language 24/7 customer service covering all time zones. Opia is running promotions around the globe with over 40 countries and 22 languages already delivered.

Real-time reporting

Track the performance of every sales promotion, with access to your own online dashboard on the Opia Cloud platform. From redemption volumes to retailer performance, opt-in rates, survey response, and traffic analysis, Opia Cloud gives your business personalized, real-time reporting to drive optimum promotion results.

Opia Cloud Reporting
Opia Cloud

Cloud-based and scalable

You can relax in the knowledge that Opia Cloud is highly reliable and exceptionally secure.

Our high availability multi-cloud architecture keeps our sales promotion platform online and lightning fast; automatically scaling up and down to meet the demands of our clients, constantly balancing traffic over several datacentres, and self-healing if anything does go wrong. No scale is too big for Opia Cloud. We’re comfortable seeing traffic increase by millions overnight while maintaining our 100% uptime record and low response times.

We’re not just reliable though, we’re also flexible. Our microservice API-first approach allows us to assemble our capabilities in different ways, so that we can form bespoke solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Whether you’re looking for a fully self-contained experience built and managed entirely by Opia, or a solution deeply integrated with your own internal systems, Opia Cloud has the tools for the job.

Intelligent data protection

We take security and data protection seriously. So, you can be reassured that your data is safe in our hands. We’re independently accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, internationally recognized quality and information security standards (Data Security) and PCI DSS standards. Not only that, but we’re fully compliant with the stringent European GDPR regulations, as well as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Plus, we’re certified as a Microsoft Global 3rd Partner Provider.

Data Protection using sales promotion software

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