Promotional Risk Management

Be bold in your marketing strategies and enjoy highly successful sales promotions, while we take care of your bottom line. We strengthen your profitability promotional risk management of your campaign, alongside delivering creative campaigns that see a significant increase in sales.

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Protecting your profitability in successful sales promotions

Our approach to sales promotions is the smart alternative to costly price drops, and aids promotional risk management. Our sales promotional techniques strive to disrupt the market. By being unique and imaginative in the design of our strategies, we expect our promotions campaign to achieve an enhanced sales lift for your brand, resulting in many customers redeeming their claim.

As your strategic promotional partner, we shoulder the risk so that you can be bold; and manage the process so that you can be involved – as much as you want to be. While we protect your sales campaign with over-redemption insurance, you can keep every one of your customers happy, fulfilling their claims, without compromising your bottom line.


How our risk-managed sales promotions work

Our innovative sales promotions are market-disruptive, driving engagement from your target market. With redemption campaigns, attractive offers can lead to the risk of higher than expected claims. However, with our risk-managed promotions, we cover any financial risk by offering you fixed fees on your campaign.

With our extensive experience in running sales promotions, we partner with your brand to establish a forecast redemption level, then cover the cost of any claims over our predictions with our specialist over-redemption insurance. This backing allows us to provide a fixed fee per product, freeing you to be bold with your sales campaign while having the reassurance of its overall profitability.

The benefits of investing in promotional risk management

Expert risk assessment and collaboration

Our experienced team will work closely with you to meticulously assess the potential benefits and risks associated with any sales promotion.

Peace of mind to be bold in your sales promotions

By removing the fear of over-redemption, you will have the freedom to offer the most compelling marketing and sales promotions that deliver a dramatic increase in the sales of your products.

Free up your budget

We limit your financial exposure, and the costs required to cover your promotional campaign is significantly reduced, so your capacity to invest in other business activities increases.

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