What are sales promotions?

Successful sales promotions create a compelling reason to buy without a costly impact on a brand’s bottom line.

The intelligence and creativity behind the incentives in our disruptive sales promotion methods remove buyer hesitation and replace it with eagerness and confidence, delivering your brand an enhanced sales uplift.


How does a sales promotion work?

Sales promotions are tools used in marketing strategies to showcase a product deal, motivating the consumer to buy. By using attractive incentives, good sales promotion ideas will drive demand, leading to an increase in sales.

Opia works with its clients as strategic promotional partners, understanding their business and seeking insight from their markets and customers’ behavior to create innovative promotional ideas. By managing the campaign end-to-end, including taking care of any financial exposure when delivering our sales promotion services, Opia ensures mutual value is offered to client and customer.

What are the benefits of sales promotions?

The main goal benefit of successful sales promotion campaigns is sales optimization of a specific product line, be it new products or stock in distribution channels. Examples of sales promotion tools, such as ‘buy and try’ or ‘satisfaction guarantee’ give the customer reassurance to make the purchase. Alternatively, different sales promotions, such as ‘cashback’, ‘instant win’ or ‘gift with purchase’ strategies heighten the perceived value of the product and make the deal more attractive, creating urgency for short term results.

Untargeted price discounts are an extremely costly way to drive volume. By focusing your investment on the most engaged and responsive customers, another benefit of sales promotions is similar results at a fraction of the cost.

These promotional sales strategies can also be used when there is product unfamiliarity in new markets. By either building confidence in the product or by presenting the customer with a compelling incentive, sales promotions remove barriers to the buying decision.

Use creative sales promotions to increase brand awareness. Referral and rewards marketing programs are an example of a sales promotion campaign that motivates the customer to share the product and the brand with peers to obtain a reward. Meanwhile, strategies, such as instant win sales campaigns, generate excitement in the market and make your brand part of the conversation.

Implement different types of sales promotion techniques to compete with your competitors’ marketing strategies, driving action from your customers by making the deal on your product more appealing than the alternatives on the market, or enticing customers to switch to your brands with a compelling offer.

Sales promotions are used to retain existing customers, as well as attract new ones. By registering details to obtain promotional rewards, customers connect with your brand and open up future communication opportunities to encourage brand loyalty.

Running a sales promotion campaign that benefits your dealers or retailers, as well as your customers, gives your brand an advantage over the competitors. As dealers favor your product, they will be more likely to promote it ahead of other alternatives. An example of this type of sales promotion is our ‘basket boost’ campaign. With this strategy, customers need to purchase accessories from the retailer alongside your product to qualify for cashback rewards.

Find out what advantages sales promotions deliver as an alternative to traditional discounting

Advantages of Sales Promotions

A tailored approach to your brand’s requirements

Whatever commercial goals your business has, Opia will tailor a promotional idea to be unique to your needs and innovative to drive action from your target market. By working closely with our clients, we design tailored promotional solutions that offer the best value for you and your customers.

Discover more about how we can increase your sales revenue with our different types of disruptive promotion campaigns.

Cashback Promotions

More cost-effective than traditional discounting strategies, cashback promotions increase the purchase incentive while giving greater control over the price position.

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Trade-In Promotions

An innovative approach to trade-in promotions, where conditional cashbacks or gifts are offered alongside product upgrades to generate urgency and gain market share

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Buy & Try Promotions

Boost confidence in new product lines and remove
barriers to purchase when extending a no-obligation trial period, using our Buy & Try sales promotion strategies.

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Referral & Rewards Programs

Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, while significantly driving up sales, with our innovative register and refer reward promotions.

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Gift with Purchase

We use consumer insight to design gift promotions that increase the perceived value of your product and engage your most loyal and responsive customers.

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Instant Wins

Instant win sales promotions create excitement around a product and are often highly visible, increasing the incentive to buy while maximising the impact of the offer on your sales uplift.

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