Sales Promotion Solutions

Our sales promotion solutions are unique, imaginative and long-lasting. They promote engagement, encourage loyalty, and can remove the need for costly discounting. We are dedicated to designing ingenious custom promotions, providing a smart alternative to our clients, to improve their profitability.

Working with us is easy. We champion your brand values and use our insight into market behavior to create innovative, highly responsive sales promotion solutions that offer value for you and your customers. Shouldering the risks, we remove any worry, so that you can be bold in your marketing strategies, and as we manage the process end-to-end, every step is hassle-free for our clients.


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A tailored approach to your brand’s requirements

Whatever commercial goals your business has, Opia will tailor a promotional idea to be unique to your needs and innovative to drive action from your target market. By working closely with our clients, we design tailored promotional solutions that offer the best value for you and your customers.

Discover more about how we can increase your sales revenue with our different types of disruptive promotion campaigns.

Cashback Promotions

More cost-effective than traditional discounting strategies, cashback promotions increase the purchase incentive while giving greater control over the price position.

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Trade-In Promotions

An innovative approach to trade-in promotions, where conditional cashbacks or gifts are offered alongside product upgrades to generate urgency and gain market share

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Buy & Try Promotions

Boost confidence in new product lines and remove
barriers to purchase when extending a no-obligation trial period, using our Buy & Try sales promotion strategies.

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Referral & Rewards Programs

Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, while significantly driving up sales, with our innovative register and refer reward promotions.

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Gift with Purchase

We use consumer insight to design gift promotions that increase the perceived value of your product and engage your most loyal and responsive customers.

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Instant Wins

Instant win sales promotions create excitement around a product and are often highly visible, increasing the incentive to buy while maximising the impact of the offer on your sales uplift.

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