Cashback Promotions

Present a compelling reason to buy with a smart alternative to costly discounting.

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The benefits of Cashback promotions

Cashback campaigns are the smart choice in sales promotions. They highlight the customers’ savings, rather than the reduced price point, proven to motivate purchases and deliver a substantial increase in product sales.

We understand customer drivers, be it with end consumers, businesses of any size or channel partners, and by offering customers additional value with a time-limited promotion, a sense of urgency is created, accelerating sell-out volumes.

We work with you to deliver cashback rewards quickly and conveniently to your customers. Our expert teams will build fast money transfer flows and advise on the optimal mix of payment options to provide a great experience.

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Be bold while we manage the risks

We aim to surpass the competition, creating unique and long-lasting cashback sales promotions that capture your customers’ interest and boost sales across your product lines. With this exciting approach, there can be a promotional risk of over-redemption, but it’s a risk we can take and manage for you.

As your strategic promotional partners, we cover the financial liability with specialist insurance, allowing us to offer capped costs throughout the sales campaign and your brand to be confident in the promotion’s profitability.

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