Instant Wins

Harness the excitement around an eagerly anticipated instant win to drive sales and increase footfall and brand awareness.

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The benefits of Instant Win sales promotions

Competitions incite conversation. Our creative instant win and sweepstake sales promotions will inspire a buzz in your community, making your brand the center of attention and customers keen to take part in your marketing campaign.

With our instant win sales promotions, your brand can engage customers with high-value rewards that create a compelling reason for purchase. Using in-depth market research, we select prizes that are highly sought-after by your target market, and by designing innovative contests and sweepstake promotions, the perceived odds of winning are increased. Presented with this irresistible combination, alongside a time-limited sales campaign, the incentive to ‘buy now’ is increased, and your sales are uplifted.

Using a large selection of high-value, eye-catching prizes, our instant win promotion mechanic attracts optimum attention and generates high-volumes of social media referrals, making it a popular marketing strategy. With the option of a ‘win-lose’ or ‘everybody wins’ strategy, you can leverage the love of the lottery to optimize your profits. With various rules and regulations in each jurisdiction, our expert teams will guide you on the best models to use for your campaigns.

With Opia, instant win promotions are hassle-free, with our end-to-end campaign management. From a tailored claims-handling function to the administration of winner selection, prize redemptions and logistics, we will take care of every step of the process


Strive for the exceptional; confident with our Risk-Managed sales promotions

We aspire to go viral with our market-disruptive instant win campaigns to maximize your sales and achieve product sell-out. These goals are set without concern, as our specialist promotions insurance covers any risk of over-redemption.

With over 12 years in promotions management, we have the expertise to calculate the promotion risk and provide you with a fixed-fee campaign cost. Profits are locked in, and sustainability is assured, allowing you the freedom to reach for new heights with the marketing of your sales promotion.


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