Referral & Rewards Programs

Leverage the immense power of peer-to-peer recommendation to drive lifetime value via a long-term, loyal customer base.

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The benefits of Referral & Rewards programs

Consumer feedback is more influential than ever before. Customer research has found that 92% of customers trust referrals from people they know, and consumers are four times more likely to buy a product when it is referred by a friend.

Building sales promotions that reward referrals is, therefore, a highly effective strategy to increase sales. Our innovative referral and rewards marketing programs not only offer fantastic value to the customer but also deliver increased lifetime value for you

Referred customers have a 37% higher customer retention rate and are four times more likely to recommend your brand to more customers.

How Referral & Rewards programs work

Strong incentives toward referrals and a simple and positive customer experience make this sales promotion method a proven way to drive long-term value for your brand.

Referrals can be designed as the main objective of a campaign or as an addition to a sales promotion with extra incentives to drive recommendations or reviews.

We make it easy for customers to refer their friends using the digital channel of their choice, such as email, social networks, instant message or chat.

Referred friends are also able to refer others within the referral and rewardssales promotion, further expanding your brand community, while a registration process can be used for retargeting and subsequent marketing campaigns.

With every customer enjoying benefits from their purchases, our referral strategies drive brand equity, as well as providing additional customer insights for ongoing marketing campaigns.


Promotion Risk Management

We take away the unpredictable nature of customer behavior by managing the risk across all of our Referral & Reward programs. By capping the costs of the campaign, we protect your business from financial exposure, protecting your margins and providing certainty with your budgets.


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