Trade-in Promotions

Shorten refresh cycles and trigger product upgrades with a limited-time, enhanced trade-in promotion that offers better value for your customers.

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The benefits of Trade-In Promotions

Our enhanced trade-ins are an example of Opia’s innovative approach to sales promotion campaigns. Providing improved value when compared to traditional trade-ins, customers are compelled to upgrade their old equipment via a conditional, limited-time reward, in the form of cash or a relevant gift. Combining the attractiveness of a newer product with an incentive to return old devices, drives a ‘buy now’ motivation from the customer and encourages their brand loyalty while boosting your sales uplift. Our trade-ins can also be a powerful tool to target competitors and drive market share gain.

We make our trade-in promotions easy for our clients by managing the promotional sales campaign end-to-end. From the prepaid shipping or collection of items to our ability to maximize residual value and our meticulous attention to data protection, we remove any logistical inconvenience involved with the trade in promotion. To ensure efficient and ethical disposal of old products, Opia works with a network of accredited recyclers focused on maximizing reusability and value of previous devices as well as on responsible and sustainable disposal.

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Financial predictability with our Promotional Risk Management

All of our creative sales promotions are delivered without threat to your future profitability. We can cover the risk of over-redemption by offering a fixed fee on all of our sales promotions, providing mutual benefit to you and every one of your customers.

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