Trade-In Program

Opia provides a world class trade-in service, ensuring a smooth process for clients’ customers to recycle their outdated devices effortlessly, all while assuring the highest trade-in value.

We achieve this through our innovative tech, accurate device assessments, convenient options for device collection, and excellent end-to-end customer experience. 

Our Service Includes:

  • A Fully managed, end-to-end service. 
  • Guaranteed Values – Choose from pre-agreed fixed values or opt for risk-managed options.
  • Best Residual Values –We leverage our extensive network of recyclers, connected through a powerful comparison engine, to offer you the best possible RVs.
  • Expert Fraud PreventionOur dedicated team of fraud prevention experts employs advanced AI-based tools to identify promotion abuse and adhere to the stringent standards and regulations favoured by our global clients.  
  • Customer Support – Our in-house customer service team is available in multiple regions and languages to assist you.

Guaranteed Market Value 

We provide access to our ever-growing pool of accredited recycling partners. These partners specialise in a wide range of devices, including used smartphones, laptops, watches, and even broken electronics or other household appliances with reusable or recyclable components.

By following this approach, we are able to offer a fair market value for used devices, while also maintaining the flexibility to collaborate with suppliers interchangeably based on who can best meet your specific requirements.

Why Chose Opia?

Experience attractive and guaranteed rewards for returning devices with us. Enjoy a seamless customer journey that includes:

  • A user-friendly branded trade-in website.
  • Regular updates and valuable communication at every stage.
  • Easy access to helpful support, ensuring efficient resolution of any queries.

Contribute to climate-friendly initiatives that safeguard the future of our planet.


The Sustainability Story - Elevating ESG and CSR

At Opia, we’re dedicated to advancing your organisation’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives. 

By championing responsible reuse, recycling, and disposal, we enhance your brand’s alignment with sustainability, driving purchases and market growth, all while safeguarding the planet. 

Supporting a circular economy 

Our trade-in and recycling programs fuel the circular economy, a vital CSR component. Your devices find new life through refurbishment or transformation, reducing landfill waste and energy consumption for a smaller carbon footprint. 

Secure and compliant recycling  

Data protection is paramount. We ensure secure and GDPR-compliant disposal, wiping all trade-in units with industry-leading software. Recycle confidently, knowing your personal information is safe. 

Ready to fully harness recycling opportunities?

Many companies struggle with scaling operations and efficiently managing customer service, claim validation, collection logistics, and payments, leaving them unable to meet the diverse demands of their customers. 

Some companies excel in reprocessing damaged electronic devices, reclaiming usable components, and recycling materials for future use. Others demonstrate superior performance in dealing with smartwatches, older phone models, or merchandise with opened packaging. Some recyclers may experience temporary increases in residual value for specific models due to contractual agreements with insurers. Meanwhile, others exclusively offer trade-in solutions within specific regions. 

Juggling all these aspects often leads to significant costs and time investment, negatively impacting the end-user experience. By choosing Opia, you’re selecting a partner with a well-established history of successfully managing intricate programs for some of the world’s leading brands, guaranteeing the effective fulfilment of your recycling requirements. 


Our team of experts is dedicated to maximising the value of your items, catering to both first-time traders and those seeking to transition from another program. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

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Benefits of a Trade-In Promotion

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