Nationwide survey of SMBs shows near-unanimous “Yes” to ‘PC as a service concept’, with businesses saying they are now ready to pay an average of $48 per month to lease laptops, PCs and software.


91% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the US are now interested in leasing a laptop or PC for a fixed contract so they can regularly obtain the latest models, according to a new national survey of 501 SMBs conducted by polling firm Censuswide for risk-managed sales promotion expert Opia.

The survey shows that 95% of businesses currently upgrading their laptops or PCs more than once every three years are interested in the zero-interest, 30-month deal with upgrades at each renewal. Among SMBs currently waiting longer than three years to upgrade, 87% said they are interested.

“Our survey demonstrates that there is an enormous appetite for ground-breaking deals which give hard-pressed businesses the chance to upgrade to the devices they want but often cannot afford through conventional purchase mechanisms,” said Steve Gales, sales director, Opia. “The ‘PC as a service’ proposition in which devices are paid for in the same way as software, smartphones or cars has massive potential.

“It will give businesses access to models that match the specific requirements of the individuals in their workforce, leading to major gains in productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction.”

On average, all businesses surveyed said they are ready to pay $48 per month to provide their employees and executives with better models.

The poll revealed that among businesses upgrading less often than once every three years, slow operating systems are the most irritating factor (47% of respondents). Almost half of these businesses (48%) said lack of budget was why they do not buy new models more frequently. A third (34%) said they wait until a well-reviewed new operating system comes out.

Despite upgrading so infrequently, more than half of businesses (55%) waiting more than three years to upgrade said their urgent priority is to optimise productivity by having the best laptops or PCs. 68% said it was frustrating to know there are better advices available that they lack the budget to buy.

Gales added: “When 62% of the businesses in our survey that upgrade less frequently already pay monthly for software, the idea of paying in a similar way for a top-quality laptop is not revolutionary. Yet it is time for businesses to open their minds to new, more affordable propositions that solve their problems in relation to slow or poorly-performing devices.

“If businesses are going to wait for new operating systems to come out, they must think again when Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be its last version and in future we can just expect ongoing updates. Acquiring laptops the old way will not work if a business wants to remain at the cutting edge of productivity and efficiency.”