Creativity in sales promotions really has few limits but nobody wants to be too far off the wall. At Opia we work with some of the biggest brands in global telecoms and come up with highly effective ideas, but always grounded in what the customer wants and our knowledge of what triggers consumers into making the desired decision.

That special something that makes a difference could be a pair of speakers or the chance to claim a set of prestige headphones. Whatever it is, we will have conducted thorough analysis of the data and ensured the whole promotion is underwritten so that there is no danger of over-redemption and cost over-runs. In the US we are working with LG on some highly effective promotion strategies that are delicately calculated to appeal to specific demographics, using VR headsets, TVs or $150 cashback rewards as appropriate. We know what works for each audience.

Without bold promotions, companies stand to lose out, especially when device-innovation slows down and consumers become less obsessed with having the latest model. Currently, for example, it seems as if sales of the iPhone X have not entirely matched expectations.

The message about the importance of promotional creativity is one we will be taking to Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in February. A massive event such as MWC, which attracts thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors is where we can further spread the message that our creative sales promotions grab the attention of consumers and deliver significant revenue uplift without endangering the P&L.

Samsung, for instance, is at the forefront of 5G and there’s no doubt its experts will unveil more exciting developments in Barcelona. This is one of the global giants we have already worked with, developing a solution that ramped up sales of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge over the 2016 Christmas period.

From scratch we created a sales promotion around Samsung’s partnership with O2, which is known for major music events. Participants who bought a qualifying Samsung device from O2 could claim a free Samsung Level Box Mini Speaker to enjoy impressive sound quality from their new phone.

The campaign exceeded Samsung’s expectations while maintaining their connection with fun and music-sharing. This promotion example also introduced a new set of consumers to Samsung technology, providing a longer-term benefit.

Smart sales promotional tactics of this kind have significant impact on revenues. At Opia we know how cashback and trade-in promotions, gift-with-purchase propositions, satisfaction guarantees and customer loyalty platforms can be given an irresistible sparkle. Consumers are stimulated into seeing the value in buying a new phone or taking on a new, higher value contract with the same brand.

It was a gift-with-purchase promotion that Opia used with such effect to triple sales of a new Lumia handset for Nokia, employing coloured charging mats to remind customers that the company was the first of the big manufacturers to go to market with a wireless-chargeable handset.

Our expertise covers multi-lingual redemption campaigns and we manage promotional campaigns in more than 60 countries including EMEA, North America and APAC, which enables us to meet the challenge of launching complex multi-language websites and provide round-the-clock customer service in 22 languages. Our global network of offices means we can rapidly deliver promotions across all territories, targeting precisely the right audience.

Why not challenge Opia to use our creativity? Ask us to come up with a winning risk-managed sales promotion using our disruptive campaign mechanics that differentiate you from your competition. Contact us now and send us your sales challenge, no matter how tough. We are sure we can meet it and it will only take a few minutes for you to understand that we can deliver on what we promise.

By David Phillips, Head of New Business, Opia