UCI, one of the leading cinema operators in Germany, has started to collaborate with global marketing services provider Opia. This new partner will bolster UCI’s direct sales of electronic cinema vouchers to corporate customers.

Bochum: UCI’s parent company, ODEON Cinemas Group, has been partnering in the United Kingdom and Ireland with marketing services specialist Opia for over five years. This partnership will now be expanded to Germany.

As part of the collaboration, UCI is looking forward to Opia’s support with sales of electronic vouchers to corporate clients.

The UCI sales team will naturally continue to be available for sales of the familiar cinema vouchers and will furthermore advise corporate clients on B2B events and advertising opportunities.

Ramón Biarnés, Managing Director Southern Europe, which also includes UCI Germany, said,
“We’re delighted by the closer partnership with Opia and anticipate new impetus in the B2B business in Germany. Opia has already made an impression with its strategic ideas in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We will achieve our goals in the B2B sector together with the German sales team and Opia.”

First and foremost, Opia will specialise in winning new customers in the field of electronic vouchers. The company has a long history of successful provision of sales promotion services to leading brands and has experience in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer promotions.

Andy Stone, Head of Reward Sales with Opia, explains, “Everyone knows that cinema is a great attraction. A superb film can scare us, make us laugh or cry – or simply make us feel good. This is why incorporating the power of the cinema into your business-to-business or employee incentive programme is so effective. Everyone loves a good film!”

UCI cinema vouchers for corporate clients are used by businesses for a range of activities: to thank customers and as customer loyalty scheme rewards, as incentives and employee gifts. Corporate clients can find all the details of our B2B products and contact our sales team at uci-media.de.

Corporate clients can contact Opia directly on [email protected] for electronic voucher enquiries.

About UCI

In its 30-year-plus history, UCI’s numerous innovations have made it synonymous with pioneering spirit in the cinema industry. UCI operates 22 cinemas in Germany, with five IMAX cinemas and the first ScreenX cinema in Berlin’s flagship cinema, UCI Luxe Mercedes Platz. UCI is a member of the ODEON Cinemas Group, Europe’s biggest cinema operator, with 290 cinemas, 2,558 screens and more than 11,000 employees in nine cinema markets. The ODEON Cinemas Group is part of AMC Theatres®, the world’s biggest cinema chain, which operates more than 1,000 cinemas, with over 11,000 screens, in 15 countries.