Prénatal takes a first-of-its-kind environmental focus, promising to extend the life of its children’s products by rewarding customers who choose to recycle within a designated time frame. The retail group, a European leader in children’s products and clothing with 253 stores, is offering its customers a gift card reward of up to 50% of the purchase value when they take up this offer on their modular systems, strollers, car seats or cribs. This innovative promotion, Forever Young, provides not only a financial benefit for families but also a wider gain for the environment.

Launched in France in 1947 and opening its first store in Milan in 1963, Prénatal is now the point of reference for parents in Italy, Spain and Greece. Offering an extensive selection of the world’s top childcare products, the brand also has a wide range of dedicated specialised clothing for new mums, and bespoke clothes for newborns and children: all these exclusive creations are sold under the Prénatal label.

A leader in Europe in the retail of childcare products, Prénatal’s innovative campaign addresses a widespread, enduring problem. Families purchase brand-new children’s products, and their time-limited use means that most end up cast aside or stored away and forgotten in garages and attics. Prénatal’s goal is to extend the life of these under-used products, which remain in good condition.

The market-disruptive Forever Young promotion, running at Prénatal stores across Italy with plans to extend across Europe, is offering customers a 30-50% Prénatal gift card reward, when a product, purchased from their promotional lines, is returned within a 12-18-month window. The campaign is fully managed by creative sales promotions partner, Opia, who also take care of all the logistics, finding a new home or shape for the returned products through their managed recycling scheme.

With the sales promotion still running, the take-up is yet to be fully determined, but initial feedback is positive. Massimo Arioli, Business Unit Director of Prénatal, recognises that it is just the start of a journey that will remain ongoing. “In about a year, we will begin to see results; the first articles returned will be ready to come back to life and be useful in new contexts.”

Remaining committed to a better shared future, helping families’ financial burdens and guaranteeing recycling that benefits the environment, he emphasises, “We are also eager to collaborate with third sector companies, who want to give further value to this ethical and sustainable process and therefore we will open a privileged channel for them.”

With Prénatal’s Forever Young video clearly conveying their commitment to these goals, we can look forward to a better future for unwanted children’s products, the children who have enjoyed them, their families, and the wider environment.

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