Businesses are missing a trick!

Business leaders are failing to see the big picture when it comes to incentivizing the workforce. According to a recent Harvard Business School study, 75% of business leaders think that employee engagement is poor within their own organization organizations. Poor employee engagement leads to poor business. Many employees expect to stay in one job for no more than two years.

Opia do things differently

Organization must find a way to reinforce employee relations to strengthen operations and achieve growth. It may feel like a headache to many, brainstorming ideas that will appeal to every individual on the workforce, but there is one universal solution that is likely to inspire standing ovations.

At Opia we’ve researched and tested different ways of incentivizing employees. Keeping costs as low as possible by not treating employees, customers etc. could be false economy. Investing a little upfront in the wellbeing of your people is worth it – through membership enticements, staff rewards or business-to-business gifts.

Movie tickets

From suspenseful thrillers to exuberant musicals, there’s no denying everybody loves a trip to the movies and movie tickets are proving to be an effective benefit for organization working with Opia. ODEON Limitless vouchers, which businesses can now obtain through Opia, can provide employees, customers, or customers with the opportunity to see an unlimited number of movies with ODEON in exchange for a monthly or annual fee, with hardly any restriction on show times or titles.

Limitless Card – A reward such as the Limitless Card expands on electronic e-vouchers, making it even easier and more cost-effective for companies to give customers and staff the gift of a great film experience. These are the types of discounts and offers that companies are using to generate more hits on an internal staff website, or to increase loyalty card usage.

Gift cards/vouchers

Organization can offer gift cards for a vast range of products or services suited to the recipient, attractively packaged with a personalized touch, whether it be restaurant gift card, gym membership or roadside assistance package. Whether presented as a one-off reward or as a regular incentive, electronic vouchers can be accessed through a dedicated website or app, enabling the recipient to purchase, activate or book the gift with the utmost ease.

Gift cards are also a great way to compensate customers when things don’t go according to plan. For the house that has had its water supply interrupted or broadband went down, a personalize gift card will go a long way to softening the blow.

How can these incentives benefit your business?

An effective new tool to incentivise staff, improve employee relations and foster friendlier commercial relationships.

From a cost perspective, the fact that companies and organization can save up to 38 % off the face value of a movie ticket makes such vouchers an affordable and valuable corporate gift or employee benefit.

We all like to feel valued and treating employees and customers with these rewards is a great way to add value to your business, maintain healthy relationships with those both inside and outside your organization in addition to strengthening the workforce and establishing a healthy base for growth.


By Andrew Marwick, Managing Director, Opia