For product and category managers seeking to boost their sales and protect their margins, Opia offers a flexible, robust, and scalable solution that makes managing sales promotions easy to launch and more efficient to run. Opia’s newly released proprietary sales promotion software, Opia Cloud, brings together a full suite of digital capabilities to build the best and biggest promotions for its clients with minimal effort required on their part.

With over 15 years of experience as market leaders in designing and delivering highly responsive sales promotions for the world’s most successful companies, Opia knows what is needed to offer clients the most value from this software.

Adam Nicholson, Director of Technology, commented, “Our clients are always telling us that they love our flexibility and ability to create campaigns tailored to their needs. The truth is that Opia Cloud is the secret sauce which enables us to do that.”

From branded interfaces and claim processing all the way to reward payment and gift or trade-in logistics, Opia Cloud has the functionality to rapidly launch and run sales promotions that provide a seamless, on-brand customer engagement.

Opia Cloud creates omnichannel experiences using trusted customer interfaces over multiple touchpoints, such as mobile responsive microsites, apps and social media, voice assistants and smart devices.

Translating promotions and end-to-end customer notifications to run in multiple languages and localising the messaging to be market-relevant supports customer engagement worldwide. Furthermore, with a multilingual user-matched interface delivering 24/7 customer service, clients can have confidence in seamless promotion management wherever their customers interact.

Commenting on the thought behind the design, Adam continues, “The platform was designed from the ground up to be hyper-flexible, with an architecture of building blocks that can be re-assembled in various shapes and sizes to produce different end-solutions. And, as a result of re-using tried-and-tested platform features, we can guarantee a high-quality result every single time.”

This approach is evident in Opia Cloud’s choice of pre-defined and customisable mechanics, such as cashbacks, free gifts, trade-ins and referrals, proven in their success in delivering an optimum ROI. In addition, all promotions are set up with Opia’s recommended suppliers that make promotion management entirely hassle-free. From fast and convenient payment solutions, digital and physical gifts fulfilment and sustainable recycling of unwanted products, Opia Cloud guarantees an easy-to-use, high-quality experience for all users.

Opia Cloud gives brands complete visibility and control with an online dashboard providing real-time reporting of every metric of a promotion, from tracking claim and redemption volumes and status to monitoring retailer and reseller participation and performance. Capturing customer insights, marketing opt-ins and surveys, the cutting-edge technology behind this platform provides the analytics to drive optimum promotion results.

Trusted by the most demanding and complex brands, Opia Cloud encompasses the best in fraud prevention and data protection by design. Tailored to each client’s unique requirements, there is the option for an entirely self-contained experience managed completely by Opia or a secure API integration with clients’ internal systems.

Notorious for its market disruptive approach, Opia has once again leveraged deep insight and imagination to develop a platform that delivers exceptional results for every aspect of its clients’ sales promotions.

Contact us today to discuss how our sales promotion software and bespoke redemption solutions can help your business to drive sales, increase brand loyalty and surpass the competition.