Supported by their end-to-end promotional service, Opia’s new Trade-In Program enables brands to offer their customers an eco-friendly option for easily upgrading their devices.

London, UK, November 9th 2023 – Today, Opia, a global leader in strategic and tactical sales promotions, proudly unveils its sustainability-focused Trade-In Program. The program supports brands and retailers in enabling their customers to recycle their outdated devices and receive the highest trade-in value when upgrading to the latest models. Opia’s extensive network of recyclers ensures the best market value for the traded-in devices, while their end-to-end service provision ensures a consistently high-quality and convenient experience for both brands and customers.

“It’s a transformative approach for brands and retailers seeking an uplift in sales and market differentiation that also supports their sustainability credentials,” said Chief Operating Officer at Opia Laurent Kretzschmar. “With our excellent resources for validating claims, fraud prevention, orchestrating collection and returns, and handling end customer payments, we can ensure an exceptional customer experience, which contributes to strengthened brand reputation and, ultimately, growth.”

Addressing the responsible handling of today’s rapidly changing electronic devices, from used Smartphones, laptops, and Smart watches to broken electronics or other home appliances, is critical. Opia works with its network of recyclers to optimise the usage of these unwanted devices that customers wish to trade in. Services include refurbishing and reselling devices, reusing salvaged components or, as a last resort, their ethical disposal. Their Trade-In Program can be seamlessly integrated as an easy, plug-and-play, always-on sales solution, making it a must-have for tech brands seeking to demonstrate their commitment to improving sustainability. With its comprehensive network of recycling partners, each specialising in certain product types, Opia can provide the most appropriate method of reusing or recycling constituent parts for almost any tech product. Moreover, brands and retailers can seamlessly switch between recyclers to ensure alignment with their current objectives.

About Opia

Opia helps brands and retailers maximise their sales and margins with efficient and disruptive sales promotions campaigns. Our experience expands into some of the biggest consumer brands in the world, including Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Staples, Sonos and LG. Helping them achieve their sales objectives while protecting margins.

Our campaigns are built on proven mechanics that will drive sales, product upgrades and refresh and will achieve results at lower costs than price discounts can do.

We handle all aspects of your sales promotions from creative ideas, risk and compliance, data insight, fraud prevention, customer service team, logistics and more.


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