Sales Promotion Tools

Compete against major retailers and brands with incentives and promotions that increase sales and give greater control over pricing.

84% of consumers say their purchase decision is influenced by promotions and incentives.

Time-limited promotions create a sense of urgency, helping consumers decide when and where to act, accelerating sales.

Does your business struggle to compete againstlarge brand bespokepromotions?

Opia's new turnkey sales promotion solution could be the answer for your business to launch your own branded sales promotions.

Default promotions involve large price discounts, which are not sustainable long-term.

Opia can help you end the discounting loop, with smart sales promotions that protect your profits and your brand.

Opia’s off-the-shelf promotion solution provides a fast, effective and risk-managed approach to run promotions.

With Opia you can:

Unlock new customers

Drive additional revenue

Respond to competition

Manage inventory


Game-changing solutions for your businesses

Opia is a market leader in innovative sales promotions. We have launched a new turnkey solution that is a game-changer for the sales promotion market – and could be a game-changer for your business.

The solution is designed specifically to take the pain out of running promotions. It is fast to set up, effective, risk-managed and runs on Opia’s existing platforms – which are trusted by some of the biggest household names across the world – to ensure that customers get the highest quality experience.

Opia’s digital solution can handle multiple, highly effective cashback promotions resulting in streamlined implementation and a better return on investment.

Find out how Opia can help your business

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