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Bulk Cinema Vouchers

With premium multiplex venues showcasing the latest box office hits of every genre, ODEON transports you to an ultra-high-definition world of rom-com, action, horror, family fun and classic movies.

Boasting IMAX screenings alongside the best of the box office, including Bollywood and silver-screen, a visit to an ODEON cinema is immersive and exhilarating. In a world where movies are available on small screens and hand-held devices, there’s no substitute for the glamour and excitement of the physical cinema experience. Supersize popcorn and large fizzy drinks at your side, enjoying cutting-edge sound clarity, on luxurious seating, everyone loves the uninterrupted and gratifying feeling of being lost in a far-away movie world.

Benefits of offering the gift of ODEON bulk cinema vouchers are infinite. Rewarding your employees with a night at the movies is a failsafe way of lifting office spirit, boosting morale and instilling in your people a sense of pride in their achievements. Offering them bulk cinema vouchers which can be redeemed in ODEON cinemas across the UK and Ireland, with significant discounts, is an innovative way of creating a palpable sense of excitement amongst your staff. It is a truly generous and effective incentive to hitting targets and achieving goals.

Thanks to your Work Force

As a gesture of thanks to your workforce, cinema vouchers are an original gift, allowing you to express your gratitude warmly. Adding a personal touch to the corporate reward system, you demonstrate the value your organisation places on your staffs enjoyment and free time. By motivating your sales force with cinema vouchers, you express authentic interest in their personal wellbeing.

Incentivising Customers

Incentivising customers and treating your clients, distributors or suppliers to the magical gift of cinema boosts your reputation as a creative and generous organisation, with a genuine appreciation of productive and enriching partnerships. Enhance the fun side of your brand, expand your reach and improve your presence with this impressive and exciting incentive.

Our Offer

We offer a range of vouchers, including bulk paper and e-vouchers that can be redeemed in ODEON cinemas across
the UK and Ireland. Our vouchers offer up to a 38% saving* off ODEON’s average adult standard 2D ticket price.


Available as Adult & Child


Available in either £5 or £10 denominations and can be exchanged for cinema tickets, food and refreshment


Available as Adult & Child


Watch any film as often as you like - Contact Opia for validity dates and read the Limitless
Ts & Cs here

A minimum purchase of 100 vouchers is required.
*38% discount is based an order of 5,000 paper Adult Cinema Vouchers (excluding cinemas in the M25) when compared with ODEON’s average adult standard 2D ticket
price between 1 January 2014 and 11 September 2014.

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