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Customer Service, Redemption & Fulfilment

It takes years to build up the trust that underpins customer loyalty, but only seconds to destroy it. At Opia we’re committed to preserving that trust – our job isn’t done until your customer is delighted and motivated to return to your brand, again and again.

How they work

We are constantly innovating on your behalf to maintain the highest possible standards in customer experience. Our customer service centre works in 22 languages and operates 24/7. We have the experience and capability of rapidly expanding to support our client’s needs, we can scale your dedicated team up or down, depending on the size and urgency of your sales promotion.
A core part of our service is creating redemption microsites for our customer’s sales promotions where customers can claim their rewards. We are experts in designing, developing and translating sites in multiple languages (we recently launched a promotional sales campaign in over 20 languages, across 31 countries simultaneously). Behind the scenes, we have developed a sophisticated promotion redemption management system that creates a perfect balance between ease of use and the collection of eligibility data. This enables auto and manual validation for every single redemption claim by our customer service team, and we use algorithms to monitor possible fraudulent activity, ensuring that only genuine customers receive their rewards.

We work with a network of trusted fulfilment partners around the world. Whether they’re dispatching a physical gift item across EMEA, managing the return postage of a trade-in item in the US, or paying out a cashback rebate in Australia, they ensure that your customers receive their promotional rewards quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Managing the risk

The number of claims received against this type of sales promotion can vary greatly depending on the attractiveness of the offer and the communication media employed. By using a capped risk sales promotion from Opia, you can fix the cost of your price change as you would normally... the difference is that with Cashback and Mail in Rebate promotions, it will cost you a fraction of a traditional price discount and will typically result in a far greater uplift.

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