Sales Promotions

Enhanced Trade In

Enhanced Trade In

Driving product refresh by creating a compelling reason to change

How it works

A new way to combine trading-in with trading-up, these promotions appear as a trade in but are actually a conditional cashback, featuring a time-limited greatly enhanced trade-in valuation on customers’ old equipment in exchange for buying a replacement, this creates a compelling ‘buy now’ message as customers feel they’ve got a better deal, having released value from unwanted equipment into the bargain.

We manage the trade in promotion end to end, offering a fixed valuation regardless of condition, pre paid shipping or collection, data destruction to military standards and ethical disposal via our accredited recycler network throughout the globe.

Managing the risk

By using Opia’s fixed fee, you pay a small sum for every qualifying product sold during the promotion. In return, we manage every single claim, and pay for all redemptions even if the volume of applications exceeds expectations, meaning your exposure is always capped. For more information, get in touch today.

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