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Instant Win Promotions & Scratchcards


Using the magic of maths to offer high-value promotional rewards that would be otherwise unthinkable


A form of instant-win, one of the most compelling promotional mechanics available.

How they work

Imagine that you’re running a simple prize draw sales promotion, offering one winner a family holiday. By creatively incorporating one of Opia’s instant-win mechanics, you can introduce an element of chance, whereby potential customers perceive their odds of winning as increasing. But of course, we calculate the realistic odds of multiple winners and cover this risk on a fixed fee basis. Now, enhanced with the promise of ‘20 to be won’, your sales promotion is orders of magnitude more enticing.

Thanks to nearly two decades of National Lottery fever, the British public love scratchcards, and because they’re used to paying for them over the counter, there’s an association with value. A simple instant-win promotional mechanic offers a one-off ‘win-or-lose’ experience. But a scratchcard, accessed with a unique code, can drive customers to an online promotional hub for repeated rewards, every time they purchase.

Managing the risk

Instant win sales promotions programs provide the ability to offer high-value rewards to your customers. Best of all, the fixed fee means that your promotional sales budget stays capped, no matter how many customers actually win. For more information, get in touch today

We manage scratchcard promotions from end-to-end, creating a bespoke claims-handling function and looking after the potentially complex business of prize redemptions; from juggling the logistics of holiday bookings, to dealing with the administration of money-off-next-purchase scratchcard prizes. For more information, get in touch today.

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