Sales Promotions

Buy & Try

Buy & Try

Give your customers the confidence to try new things, risk free

How Buy & Try Promotions work

When registered customers buy a qualifying product, they are granted two months trial, with no obligation. If they then want to return it, they revisit the promotional website, enter their details and download a pre-paid return label. Once we receive their returned promotional product, we instantly refund them. This buy and try offer removes any risk consideration from the customers’ decision-making process, and is proven to drive sales and raise unit prices.

Managing the promotional risk

As with any end-user redemption sales promotion programme, the number of claims received against a buy and try sales promotion can vary greatly depending on the attractiveness of the offer and the quality of the communication. But by using Opia's fixed fee, you pay a small sum for every product sold, while we pay for all redemptions over the forecast redemption level. For more information, get in touch today.

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