End-to-end Sales Promotion Cycle

We take care of all the aspects of your sales promotion campaign, making it easy and hassle-free, and allowing you to stay focused on your core activities.

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Well-executed promotions and excellent customer experience are vital to the success of your sales promotion campaigns, ensuring return business and long-term customer loyalty.

Our turn-key promotions are trusted by the world’s leading brands. We offer end-to-end sales promotion management, handling everything from promotion conception and design to the set-up of the digital platform and data integrations, all the way to claim management, financial risk, logistics and customer support. With the option of customised solutions and integration with your or your partners’ systems, we collaborate to ensure the complete success of the promotion.

We aim for zero complaints, zero risk and zero hassle so that we can truly be the smart alternative in consumer sales promotions.

With our account and project managers focused on the success of your promotion, working with us is easy. We work transparently throughout the process, sharing data and customer insights throughout the promotion period, allowing you to track performance in near real-time and gain direct interaction with your customers.

The steps in our end-to-end sales promotion management

Our promotions are built around the needs of our clients. We listen to your commercial goals and challenges, then incorporate insights gleaned from our analysis of the market and customer behaviour to create innovative and unique sales promotion ideas.

Designing our campaigns in collaboration with you and your teams, we work with you to balance sales uplift, campaign costs, brand and marketing impact and customer experience. Our team of experts will leverage over a decade of promotional history to choose the best-suited promotional mechanic and commercial model, with options to manage any redemption risk.

Running promotions comes with risk, but we shoulder that risk for you, giving you certainty on campaign costs. Our promotional risk management service is based on fixed costs for the execution of the sales promotional campaign. If required, we will secure over-redemption insurance from our leading Lloyd’s accredited partners in Europe and North America to provide financial predictability for the promotion.

Gone are the days of paper forms. Customers want a simple, digital redemption experience, with over 50% of them redeeming from a mobile device. Opia Cloud, our sales promotion platform takes care of all the digital program set-up, including customised, branded digital interfaces, promotion and claim management, as well as customer notifications and support.

Our project managers will work with you to ensure that every promotion detail is finalised, including all legal and data arrangements, so that you and your company are satisfied that all is in place.

Our customer service team will be on point to help and guide customers, where required, adopting the principles of your brand and desired customer experience. With our complete operational support and fully compliant data protection, fraud prevention and detection solutions, you can be confident that your sales promotion will run effectively and securely, delivering value for you and your customer.

We have run campaigns all around the world, and you can rely on our network of logistics and recycling partners to send gifts and recover old devices, wherever required. We implement best practice to extract maximum re-use value and ensure safe, sustainable disposal of products, according to international and local regulations.

Offering a wide choice of payment solutions to end-customers is essential, and we will advise you on the best options in each location.

We are known for the transparency of our reporting, and we will keep you informed throughout the promotion on its performance. Our insights will allow you to check volumes, reseller and retailer performance and redemption levels, as well as delivering invaluable insights from the customers taking part in the promotion.

Gaining these insights on engaged customers, opted-in for future marketing, is essential for running successful ongoing campaigns over the lifecycle of your customers.

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