Buy & Try Promotions

Boost buyer confidence with a satisfaction guarantee promotion that removes the purchase barrier for new or premium products.

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The benefits of Buy & Try Promotions

Buy & Try sales promotions reduce hesitation around product purchase with the reassurance of a risk-free, no-obligation trial period. During this time, customers can return their product and quickly obtain a refund. By removing risk considerations around a buying decision, product sales are uplifted, and unit prices raised.

This promotion mechanic is particularly suited when looking to increase the adoption of new, innovative products or as an incentive to purchase higher value items that customers would otherwise eschew.

Whether integrated with purchase journeys, such as an online basket or managed independently, Opia ensures our Buy & Try sales campaigns are convenient and hassle-free. We take care of any customer registration, claim management, promotional digital interface and handling of returns and refunds. Our networks of carefully selected recyclers will extract maximum residual value from used products through careful refurbishment and recycling, making this promotion approach extremely cost-effective.


Plan for success with the support of our Risk-Managed Promotions

Opia’s strategy is to create exciting marketing promotional ideas that captivate your target market and drive the motivation to buy. When taking this approach to redemption campaigns, an attractive offer can lead to the risk of higher than expected claims. However, with our risk-managed buy & try promotions, we cover any financial risk by offering you fixed fees on your campaign.

With our extensive experience in running redemption sales promotions, we partner with your brand to establish a forecast redemption level, then cover the cost of any claims over our predictions with our specialist promotions insurance. This backing allows us to provide a fixed fee per product, freeing you to be bold with your sales campaign while having the reassurance of its overall profitability.


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