Prize sourcing
Fulfilment and customer handling
Creative and reliable execution

Reward Sourcing

At Opia, we believe that prizes are a proven mechanic in a brand’s marketing and advertising campaign, engaging audiences and winning new customers. Opia provides flexible and turnkey solutions to FMCG companies, sales and marketing agencies to deliver successful prize promotion campaigns.

We know how to create promotion campaigns that stand out, get people talking and drive sales. We handle everything from the initial concept, through to sourcing prizes, website builds, customer handling and fulfilment and do it all working to fixed budgets.

We’re confident our fast, flexible, high-impact prize fulfilment can help your business increase brand engagement, loyalty, motivation, customer acquisition and much more.

What can Opia offer you?

Opia partners with advertising, marketing and sales agencies, as well as FMCG companies, to create impactful prize promotions campaigns.

If you are looking for a partner for your next campaign, please get in touch.


  • Gift with purchase
  • Technology and gadgets
  • Holidays
  • Experiences
  • Branded items
  • Vouchers and e-vouchers


  • Creative campaigns
  • Fixed budgets
  • Dedicated websites
  • Customer handling
  • Delivery
  • Expert support