Cash-rebate promotions

Opia’s end-to-end digital solution gives businesses a modern and dynamic way to rapidly deploy high quality cash rebate promotions at low cost and with improved ROI.

We have created a standardized white label redemption website that’s easy to set up, add branding and use so that businesses can create and run their own rebate promotions quickly and easily. Our end-to-end digital solution is for brands and retailers who want to rapidly deploy tactical rebate promotions, whether large scale or highly targeted, with a streamlined approach that delivers speed to market.

The branded redemption website has been designed around a user experience that eliminates customer friction and does justice to your brand, offering enhanced ‘on brand’ customer experience not typically seen in the digital redemption platforms.

The power of Rebate Promotions

We know that sales promotions are effective – in fact 84% of people say their purchase decision is influenced by promotions – resulting in a significant sales uplift for those brands using them.

Opia’s end-to-end digital solution is a game changer for those who are running mail-in promotions, or relying on instore cash rebates or price discounting. It can even make a significant difference for those who are already running their promotions digitally on a sub-standard platform that compromises their customer’s brand experience.

Opia’s digital solution can handle multiple, highly effective cash rebate promotions and streamlines their implementation to deliver a better ROI for our clients.

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One single platform, multiple promotions

It starts with a standardized redemption website with fixed pages that put the brand front and center, with fully customizable elements which will deliver an ‘on brand’ customer experience for each promotion.

From here the redemption website can host many promotions. Whether it is simple cashback variations, ‘buy more save more’ and tiered bundles, free or discounted add-ons, category bundles, tax back or many other types, our single platform does it all.


Not only can it host multiple types of promotions but setting them up can also be done extremely quickly – within a matter of days rather weeks. This allows clients to respond instantly to market changes or to any changes to the availability of inventory. It supports the rapid delivery of large scale or highly targeted promotions.

The digital format means it is cost-effective so clients can be bolder in the rebate promotions they create to deliver higher ROI, build loyalty and brand advocacy. Being digital also means that data is captured and managed more effectively for future marketing opportunities.

Streamlined claims journey

The claims website is designed to be user friendly with step-by-step instructions for the customer, and the whole redemption process is backed up by SMS and email notifications which are automatically sent to the customer as their claim is processed, keeping the customer completely up-to-date and assured that their claim is progressing. Where questions may arise, Opia can take care of all aspects of the customer care with a global call center open 24/7 with more than 150 customer service advisors speaking 25 languages.

Fulfilment and reward

The redemption website comes pre-integrated with an extensive selection of digital payments such as bank transfer, PayPal, VISA and Mastercard prepaid cards, mobile wallets, or digital apps like Venmo, as well as a catalogue of digital vouchers from leading brands. We also have fulfilment options via the main couriers (UPS, Fedex, DHL).

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Opia Cloud Reporting

Real-time reporting

From standard to fully customized reporting, we tailor our reporting to fit your business needs, allowing you to track your promotions’ performance. The data is automatically updated, and it can be easily filtered and segmented and measured against KPIs to drive the best results and demonstrate effectiveness.

Fraud & Data Protection

Behind every promotion is Opia’s highly sophisticated fraud prevention protocols using an AI-based threat model to validate users with digital identity and footprint intelligence.

Opia is Independently accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 27001 (Data Security) and meets the standards of PCI DSS for payments, as well as being fully compliant with the stringent European GDPR regulations and the strict California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Data Protection using sales promotion software
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