Sales Promotions

Free Mail In Rebate Promotions

A meticulously planned gift-with-purchase rebate offer that reliably drives sales.

How Mail In Promotions work

We can use our extensive experience to source the perfect free mail-in rebate gift for your business – one that has a high perceived value but can be purchased at low cost. We also assure the free rebate gift is offered within the right timescale and in the right quantities. With a free mail-in rebate promotion, the customer factors the gift’s value into the overall purchase price (which includes the main product), removing any potential price barriers from their decision to buy.

Managing the risk

Based on whether the free gift is essential in order to use the main product, we forecast a sales promotion redemption rate and cover anything that exceeds it, limiting your exposure if the promotion offer over-redeems. For more information, get in touch today.

Let's work together

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