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We work in close consultation with our clients, to ensure our consultants have an in-depth understanding of your goals and business challenges. Find out more below.

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Sales consultancy services

To us, consultancy is invaluable. That’s why we take the time to understand our clients – always looking beyond traditional thinking, to design the most effective promotional campaigns possible. We bring our unrivalled multidisciplinary campaign experience and rigorous methodology to the table, creating future-proof promotions that improve your profits, drive your brand perception and wow your stakeholders.

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Step 1

Understanding your business

Every business is different. So why shouldn’t promotions be? At Opia the starting point is always a commercial consultation process using a refined toolkit of promotional sales techniques that goes beyond the tired price reduction approach. First, our consultants work with you to quickly ascertain your business goals – whether it’s increasing sales, increasing margins or driving a value proposition. Then we help you to identify possible risks, so we can be absolutely sure that nothing will hamper those big disruptive promotional campaigns. You might even have an old idea on the shelf that felt undoable at the time – if it’s in tune with your business goals, we could make it happen.

Step 2

Understanding your customers

To run a business you have to be an expert plate-spinner, keeping lots of target audiences happy at the same time – from senior management to business partners to customers on the shop floor. At Opia, we understand this. That’s why we’ve designed a promotional consultation process that unearths the various (and sometimes conflicting) motivations and objectives of your audience – so we can help you craft bespoke sales solutions that press their buttons.

Step 3

Understanding your competitors

Using our years of experience in market trends and data analytics, we will constantly review your position and monitor your competitors’ sales promotions. That way, we can design innovative, unique and compelling promotional sales campaigns that are perfectly calibrated for your business needs – elevating not only your brand and your products, but offering consumers something they can’t get elsewhere.

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