Advantages of Sales Promotions

Our market-disruptive sales promotions are designed to offer exceptional value for you and your customers.

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How our Sales Promotions achieve your goals

We deliver original, creative sales promotions that are based upon offering proven buying incentives to increase sales. Using in-depth research on customer behaviour and market activity, we design compelling promotion ideas that engage your target market and motivate purchase. Our bespoke campaigns champion the values of our clients and capture the imaginations of their customers. With nearly twelve years of experience working with leading manufacturers and retailers of slow-moving goods, our sales promotions are designed as cost-effective alternatives to price discounting, increasing sales while protecting margins.

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The advantages of our Sales Promotion methods

Tens of billions of dollars are spent every year on untargeted price discounts. Our sales promotion solutions are the smart alternative that takes care of your bottom line. One of the main advantages of Opia’s sales promotions is that by focusing the rewards on promotionally responsive customers, our promotional solutions drive volumes while protecting your margins. With a return to full price easily achieved at any point in your marketing strategy, they also avoid the lasting impact on price point seen with traditional discounting.

Price is often the main purchase barrier when consumers are considering a product. By offering the customer improved perceived value on a product, this concern can be removed. The incentives provided through our promotion mechanics, such as cashback promotions and gift with purchase campaigns, have been shown to enhance buyer motivation. Include a time-limited deal, and a sense of urgency is created, accelerating the purchase.

Sales promotions that include competitions and draws can be used to get your community talking about your brand and keen to get involved in a potential winning deal. Our creative instant-win sales campaigns use thoughtfully selected prizes, sourced using our data insights, to excite your target audience and drive motivation to buy.

With our sales promotions, such as enhanced trade-in promotions and guaranteed future value, we reward customer loyalty. These mechanics motivate the customer to return to your brand when looking to renew or upgrade their products, and by driving an early refresh, a profound impact is seen on your results. By offering the possibility to trade-in devices from other brands, we also provide a powerful way to increase market share.

With new, unfamiliar or cutting-edge products, our sales promotion techniques can be used to reassure customers and remove the perceived risk of purchase. Opia’s buy & try promotion can give customers several months to trial a new product. With a straightforward return, collection and refund process, your customer can be bold with their purchase choices, and try out the latest technologies or higher-value products.

Our strategic sales solutions can be used to leverage the peer-to-peer recommendation and create lifetime value with a loyal customer base. By simply recommending your brand or product to a friend, customers enjoy excellent value through our referral and rewards programs, optimising your sales and securing long-term profitability.

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