Back to School Cash back

The client: Dixons Carphone
The location: United Kingdom

At Dixons Carphone, Opia has taken cashback from being a consumer gift used tactically on selected products, to a robust category-wide pricing mechanic.

Last summer Dixons launched a highly sophisticated cashback promotion, applicable to all PCs, Notebooks and Macs over £499. The cashback offered customers a £100 cash reward on redemption.

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How did Opia add value?

The client’s’ Back to School Notebook promotions was designed to offer a streamlined way to incentivise purchase and reward the customer. Opia’s development team worked directly with the client to create a bespoke claim portal that synchronises the buying and claiming experience, allowing customers to register a claim in under 90 seconds, and allowing Opia to electronically validate that claim instantly. Once approved for settlement, cash is transferred to the customer’s bank account within just 48 hours.

The instantaneous voucher system not only enhanced our buying experience for the consumer, but created a platform which can be used for future promotions.

The Opia cashback solution has been proven to at least double sales during promotional periods.

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