Free Level Box Speaker

The location: United Kingdom

We helped push Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Series sales with a Nationwide free speaker promotion

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The challenge

Samsung came to Opia with a specific business goal: increasing the sales of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge over the Christmas period. But it wasn’t as simple as that. How do you drive competitive sales without cheapening brand image? Samsung works hard to uphold its reputation for high quality, cutting-edge technology, so the challenge for Opia was designing a promotion that was surprising enough to disrupt the market, yet ‘Samsung’ enough to support the brand.

The solution

Samsung’s target demographic for the promoted products was skewed slightly young – these are fun, youthful devices with loads of exciting features – so we knew that we had to design a dynamic, lifestyle-orientated gift with purchase campaign. Samsung’s telecoms partner is O2, who have a rich heritage in delivering major music events – so we capitalized on this to design a promotion for music lovers everywhere: participants who purchased a qualifying Samsung device from O2 could claim a free Samsung Level Box Mini Speaker, to enjoy fantastic sound quality from their new phone. All they needed to do was go online to the Opia redemption website and follow seven easy steps. There were almost no perceived barriers to redemption, which further appealed to our fast-paced, click-and-go demographic. Throughout this end to end solution, we at Opia controlled claim management, validation, fulfillment and customer service support, meaning Samsung could sit back and watch the sales roll in.

Because this gift with purchase campaign was fully managed by Opia, it was no surprise that it was a huge success, surpassing Samsung’s expectations and forecasted redemptions. Executed over three busy Christmas weeks, it got nationwide coverage, receiving thousands of claims, proving highly popular across the UK. As well as smashing our concrete purchase targets, we successfully created a raise in brand perception by maintaining Samsung and O2’s alignment with a sense of fun and sharing music.

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