Trade in & Trade up

The client: Unieuro
The location: Italy

Unieuro, one of Italy’s largest retailers, approached Opia for a promotion. The aim was to drive Ultrabook sales by addressing the lack of awareness in the market, and by educating potential customers on the benefits of an Ultrabook versus a traditional notebook.

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How did Opia add value?

Opia thought the best way to educate risk-averse customers was to place an Ultrabook in their hands, removing any possible objection to purchase. The Ultrabook Soddisafazione Garantita offer (Satisfaction Guaranteed), gave the option to try the product for 60 days and return it for a full no-questions refund if they weren’t satisfied.

With such a compelling ‘no risk’ proposition, Unieuros’ sales increased significantly with not a single customer returning an Ultrabook for a refund.

Co-funded by Intel, Unieuro has now run several successful promotions with Opia, driving up-sell, cross sell, and increasing ‘churn’.

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