Sales Promotions

Trade In, Trade Up & Buy Back Promotions

Trade in and Trade up promotions release the value of customers’ old goods, activating sales, not just redemptions.

How they work

A new way to combine trading-in promotions with trading-up, these sales promotions effectively offer cashback-with-conditions, featuring a time-limited trade-in valuation on customers’ old equipment and a compelling ‘buy now’ message. The key to incentivising purchase is offering a subtle cash return when customers buy a replacement from you and you alone. Customers feel they’ve got a better deal, having released value from unwanted equipment into the bargain. Opia will email all the pre-paid shipping labels and work with local product recyclers to ensure your sales promotion meets local guidelines. You, meanwhile, increase sell out volume, boost average unit prices, and activate sales.

Managing the risk

By using Opia’s fixed fee sales promotion model, you pay a small sum for every qualifying product sold during the promotion. In return, we manage every single claim, and pay for any promotional redemptions that exceed forecasts, meaning your exposure is always capped. For more information, get in touch today.

Let's work together

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