Everyone loves a good deal, but with so many on the market, it can be difficult for brands to stand out. A great promotional campaign has the power to transform a lesser known brand into a household name. Especially when it has been executed carefully with full consideration of what is trying to be achieved with tactical messaging, and of all the risks associated with market disruption.

At the same time, a poorly executed promotion could cause irreparable damage as there is a fine line between being ‘risky’ and putting people off.

Before you roll out your next campaign, give some thought to who, what and why. Not only will this help set goals for your campaign, but it will also ensure it’s a success, where it can deliver a return on investment, increase brand awareness and in turn drive market share and sales.

Brand Identity

Is your brand struggling to establish its desired brand identity or reposition itself in the marketplace? A promotional marketing mechanic designed to drive brand identity can subliminally and easily shift consumer perceptions and help to develop your brand’s identity. But to boost a sales campaign you need to think about who. Who are you targeting? And why do you need to target them?

Target your promotions

Don’t market blind. Always think about who you want to target. Aside from increased sales, what else do you want to achieve from your promotional activity? It could even be to achieve demographic insights or a re-engagement mechanic to win back your old customers.

If you’re targeting a specific demographic, you need to identify how you target your audience. What is currently preventing engagement? And how can you address this through strategic promotional activityHere’s an example of how sales promotions can be a tactical solution…

Buy & Try Promotions

A buy and try promotion is typically used to influence consumer behaviour during the purchase cycle. It’s a great tool to help convince customers to purchase a more premium product, while giving them the reassurance and guarantee that they can send it back if they don’t like it.

This promotional mechanic can be used across various industries, from trialling online subscriptions such as Netflix to purchasing household appliances.


How do these promotions boost sales campaigns?

A buy and try promotion allows customers to buy a qualifying product, register the product, and try it out, typically for two months with no obligations.

If they then want to return the product, they would need to visit the promotional website, enter their details and download a pre-paid return label. Once the item has been received, a refund is awarded back to the customer.


Here’s some reasons why Buy and Try sales promotions could be the mechanic your brand needs:

– It’s a cost-effective promotion to set up and run
– Instils confidence in your brand
– Boosts sales while keeping your price points the same
– Compresses the decision-making window with customers
– Encourages your customers to pay more for premium products
– Increases loyalty and trust
– Raises brand awareness and reaffirms your brand’s commitment to the quality of your products
– Reduces buyers’ apprehension about investing in your products

Don’t let your next promotional campaign fade into the background. If you’d like to find out how to boost sales campaigns through a buy and try marketing promotion, contact us and see how we can help boost your next campaign.

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