The LG 2nd Year Promise

The location: USA

We have been working in partnership with LG Electronics for several years, supporting LG’s promotional needs in the United States and Canada on multiple product lines, such as Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, and Mobile Communications. Over the past four years, we have worked with LG Mobile teams on a long-running program to support the LG quality promise on its premium devices and give customers complete confidence when choosing LG innovative products.

The Solution

With our customer-centric approach, we provided added value when creating our unique sales promotion, branded the “LG 2nd Year Promise.” This campaign offers a free second-year warranty, in addition to the manufacturer’s first-year warranty, with the same coverage. By simply registering their purchase, customers are free to use their devices with complete peace of mind for a full 24 months. We make it easy for LG by looking after all aspects of the campaign, from managing customer registrations to handling repairs or replacements. We take on any risk involved in the campaign by securing our insurance partners’ backing so that, no matter how many customers enjoy the benefit of the offer, we can always deliver the service at a competitive price to LG.

The Results

This sales promotion has been a successful differentiator for LG smartphones and has been running across multiple models and supporting many new launches, from the G6 handset, with its innovative and large display, to the latest LG Velvet, pioneering the 5G technology. Through this campaign, we have also helped LG build increased brand loyalty, with many customers safe and secure in their enjoyment of the brand.

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